Four Acts Before the Inland Fish and Wildlife Committee

Four Act will enter hearings Tuesday, each of which could impact the Wabanaki directly (State House calendar). Tribal members would:

L.D. 201: be able to “hunt for, take and possess any wild animal or bird at any time for noncommercial consumption or noncommercial use.”

L.D. 202: be able to : “fish for, take and possess any fish at any time for noncommercial consumption or noncommercial use.”  [unlimited elver fishing, but no selling…]

L.D. 306: exempts enrolled members “from the archery, crossbow and trapping training requirements for obtaining an archery, a crossbow or a trapping license.”

L.D. 600: “adds an archery hunting license to the list of complimentary licenses issued to members of federally recognized Indian nations, bands and tribes.”

No mention of tribal reserve v. state lands. A surprise to me, as all acts are sponsored by Native representatives (who can not, I remind you, vote on them).  I wonder if the tribal represetatives are seeking to shore up treaties [which make the above sovereign rights already on tribal lands] in the face of “puffed up” and perhaps dangerous (to landowners like me) proposed amendments to Maine Constitution:

L.D. 1303: “provides that the citizens of Maine have the personal right to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife, subject to laws and rules that promote wildlife conservation and preserve the future of hunting and fishing, and to provide that public hunting and fishing are a preferred means of managing and controlling wildlife.”  Which does also not mention Native lands [no native sponsors].  I guess some rights belong to Maine’s Citizens and some are given to Natives by Maine’s Citizens – and these can be taken away?

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